Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Fase C Kurikulum Merdeka

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5

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Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Kurikulum Merdeka

Let’s choose one correct answer!

1. … are crispy and salty. The are unhealthy 

a. Chips

b. cakes 

c. Biscuits

d. nuts

2. Chilies are small but spicy 

The word” spicy” in Indonesian means ….

a. Panas

b. amis 

c. Pahit

d. pedas 

3. It smells unpleasant, but sometimes it imells nice. It is yellow or white . it tastes salty. You can see it on the top of cake or pizza. It is ….

a. Tomato

b. chocolate 

c. Cheese

d. cream 

This text is for question 4 and 5

Susi wants to eat a watermelon. So, she goes to the fruits stall to buy it.

Watermelon is a big fruit. It is different from melon. Watermelon has red flesh, while melon has yellowish flest. Susi want to eat it because it is sweet and watery. It has some seeds. Susi takes the seeds before she eats the flesh

4. What is the text abaut ?

a. Susi’s faforite fruit

b. a watermelon

c. A big fruit

d. how to eat a watermelon 

5. How does the watermelon taste?

a. Red

b. watery

c. Sweet

d. bigt

6. Transit to bitter Indonesian …

a. Pahit

b. asam

c. Manis

d. pedas

7. Transit to sweet Indonesia ….

a. Pahit

b. pedas 

c. Manis

d. asam 

8. The iced tea has lots of sugar.  Its taste is ….

a. Bitter

b. sweet

c. Salty

d. sour

9. Look at the picture bellow!

Soal Sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5

The taste of this food is….

a. Salty c. sour

b. Bitter d. sweet

10. Vita : what is your favorite food ?

Leni : chicken with chips. It is so yummy. I also like ice cream 

Vita : what flavor do you like?

Leni : my favorite flavor is strawberry.

The taste of leni’s ice cream is ….

a. Salty

b. bitter

c. Sweet

d. sour

11. Roni : would you like something to drink?

Dio :yes, please.

Roni : how about a carton of milk ?

Dio : that’s oky

We know from the dialogue that Roni ….

a. Offers a drink

b. asks for a drink

c. Offers a snack

d. gives a snack 

12. Bowo : can I have a cup of tea?

Reza : sure. Wait for moment

Bowo : here you are

Reza : thanks

a. Asks for help

b. gives a thing 

c. Asks for a thing

d. affers a thing

13. Yessy : I’m thirsty

Eric : would you like a carton of yogurt?

Yessy : …… it is sour. I have a bout of water

The best response to complete is …..

a. Yes , I do

b. no, thanks

c. Yes, I would

d. no, you can’t

14. Mother : can you give me a …. Of sugar? This soup is salty

Andi : yes, mom. Here you are

a. Plate

b. spoon

c. Glass

d. bowl

15. Transit to sour Indonesian….

a. Asam

b. pahit

c. Pedas

d. pedas

16. What adjectives can describe a glass of iced tea ?( more than one answer)

a. Spicy

b. sweet

c. Cold

d. sour

17. …. Are crispy and salty . the are unhealthy 

a. Chips

b. cakes

c. Biscuits

d. nuts 

Look at the pictures! Then, complete the following dilalogues! This vocabulary may help you.

Meatballs, Birdhday cake, Medicine, tamarind

1. Dio :  what is?

Roy : it is ----------

Dio : how does it taste

Roy : --------------

2. Lina : it is your ---------------?

Ayu : yes, it is 

Lina : how is the taste ?

Ayu : ------------

3. Anto : what do you have for lunch?

Roni : I have a bowl of --------------

Anto : how does it taste ?

Roni :-------------

4. Ayu : what is that

Dio : this is my ---------------I heve a headache

Ayu : what is the ------------?

Dio : it is bitter

Arrange the jumlead words bellow into good sentence!

1. Salty-are-chips-the

Answer ………………

2. Strong –coffe –usually –bitter –is

Answer ………….

3. Sweet-are –the –bananas.

Answer ………………

4. Like –magoes –don’t sour-

Answer ……………….

5. Tastes- cake –this- sweet

Answer ……………

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